Made me cry! A LOT!

Destined to Succeed - Lisa M Harley

I innocently started reading this book while working out at the gym. I had read the first book in the series, Destined to Change, and liked it enough to pick up this installment. I remember that I didn't much like Cade in the first book. He came off as cocky and kind of a jerk at first. So I started DTS without any expectations. I knew I would like it because I like the last one. I had no idea how much I would like, no, love it. I had no idea that it would absolutely wreck me. This led to me trying (and failing) to hold back tears as I worked out on the treadmill/evil-lyptical/arc/bike. Lesson learned.


In this, the second book in the series, I was curious to see how the author would redeem Cade in the reader's eyes. I already knew he was walking sex on a stick. Other than that, he left a somewhat unimpressive impression on me. Well, it didn't take long for this book to improve it. I fell in love with Cade and I fell hard. It was clear to see how much he loved Suzy and suddenly all sorts of things from DTC made sense. That poor guy was just looking for someone to love.


In this book he had it, lost it, had it again (with someone else) lost it again...so you see where this is going? Oh Cade and Suzy! Impetuous youth and raging hormones don;t mix. Thanks to a serious misunderstanding, they didn't take their relationship to the next level. Oh man! I wanted to take them both and shake them. they belonged together and everyone could see it but them and their evil counterparts. Yes, I said evil!


Commence Spoiler Alert!


Crying episode number one: Cade's dog dies. Yeah, I am a sap, but that just got me! Right in the heart! And before I knew it I had tears in my eyes, fighting not to let them fall. *deep breathes*


Crying episode 2: Cade's parents die. I knew it was coming because I knew they weren't around anymore. But jeez! Why on earth did you have to make us fall in love with them first, Ms. Harley? WHY!?


Crying episode 3: Branch beats the ever loving daylights out of Suzy. In front of the kid. Enough said.


From the moment Branch appeared on the scene I hated him! Yes, I say HATED! Gah! he made my skin crawl. I wanted to take Suzy and shake her more than once for being vulnerable enough to fall for his bullshit! I knew Cade and Suzy belonged together. There was never a time that Branch/Suzy ever felt right. Never.


As for that psycho bitch Anna? GOD! She made me see red. I hated her as much as I hated Branch. The only thing about this book I didn't like is that she didn't end up lying in a pool of her own blood! Yeah, I am a blood thirsty bitch. No punishment the law can come up with would be good enough. Did I mention I hated her? I can't believe that we didn't get to see her suffer more for all the bad shit she did? And even though she "blanked" that bastard "Blank" I was still not happy with her ending. (Hahaha! I didn;t give you all the juicy bits, you still have to read)


There were more crying episodes,but I don't wanna spoil the whole dang book for you. It really is worth the read and I haven't given away the whole book. It is intesne and Ms. Harvey can write the hell out of some emotional shit! The rollercoaster ride we ride in this book is insane. Up one minute down the next, and you never know when the next twist or loop is going to pop up.


Just to leave us wanting more, we are treated to the Prologue for the upcoming installment: Destined to Forgive. I want to read it! Like now. You guys know how I have an issue with waiting. *sigh* I am dying to know how Eric deals with the aftermath of...well, if you haven't read Destined to Change then not gonna tell you! Go read Destined to Change and Destined to Succeed, then suffer with me while we wait to read Destined to Forgive.


See, I am not a total spoiler whore. *G*

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