Dangerous Desire - Annie Seaton My Review
4 Stars

I really enjoyed the setting in this story. I think I need to read more books set in Australia. I love the idea of this nice sweet school teacher doing whatever it takes to help her sister. This book was a suspenseful romance that kept my interest from the first page. Of course I think maybe Gracie was just a bit naïve but that just added to her charm. This is because while she was naïve and not a little bit impetuous, she wasn’t stupid. There were a couple instances where I wanted to smack some sense into her but really, isn’t that what makes a great story? The way you can connect with the characters and imagine them your friends or yourself in their place?

Ms. Seaton did a wonderful job of setting the stage for the plot in this novel. I was drawn in and read with bated breath. Was her sister alive? Was she in on it all? What exactly was going on? I just had to keep reading to try and figure out some of the answers. I like to try and figure stuff out before it happens so I can be all: “Ha! I was RIGHT!” *g* Well in this book, sometimes I got it right and sometimes not. That’s ok cause the fun is in the trying and I love being surprised when I am wrong. So the writing was great, kept my interest throughout. The characters were interesting and the mystery was tight. You were never really sure what was going on or who to trust.

So go pick this book up if you are in the mood for a fast paced mystery complete with a steamy hot romance. Can I just say how much I love the Entangled Ignite imprint? I love romance and all its many genres but Romantic Suspense has always been my favorite and my go to whenever I am undecided what to read or need to take my mind off things. I look forward to reading and reviewing many more Ignite books in the future.