Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas - Randi Alexander Review written by Amy.

This is a short story about Boone Hancock, sexy bull rider and Gieselle (Gigi) Colberg-Staub, master’s student who meet in the casino after a rodeo at Christmas. Karma ensues and they find themselves entangled in a sweet and sexy romance. Add in some luck and a little heartache and you have one hell of a good book. We can’t forget Boone’s brother Jayden and his friend Dallas or Gigi’s best friend Kira who left you wanting to read more about them and you get to because this will be a 3 book series. YAY! I love when you get more books. Make sure you don’t just flip right past the cover of this book because it is smoking hot. AHHH… cover love.

I’m usually not one for short stories but, I loved this book. It had all the elements of a good long book wrapped up into one easy read. Randi did an amazing job making the instant connection between Boone and Gigi believable. The way Boone and Gigi met was sweet and romantic it just draws you right in from the start. It reminded me of those stories you hear where the people met, fell in love, were married soon after and 50 years later are still together.

The love between Boone and Gigi is sweet with just the right amount of hot love scences in the mix. There is a hot bath tub scene that is a scorcher. Randi found just the right balance between sweet and sexy. Plus I connected with the characters so that I felt the emotional ups and downs right along with them. Not an easy thing to do in a short story, in my opinion. Bravo Randi!! Excellent 5 star short story. Now run to get it. Happy Reading!