FrankenDom - Robin L. Rotham A scientist with an obsession. A protégée with an agenda. And a surgeon with needs too long denied...

Vascular surgeon Dr. Rachel McBride knows she'd be insane to pass up a prestigious fellowship for the chance to work on Julian Kilmartin's cutting-edge research project. The reclusive neurologist has been the object of her submissive daydreams since residency, and time and distance have only strengthened the dark compulsion.

To complicate matters, a former lover who was all too aware of her attraction to Julian is also on the team. Charmingly obnoxious Dr. Colin Carter was Julian's protégée back in the day, and nothing appears to have changed...or has it? There's an earnestness to Colin now, an urgency she's never seen in him--and he claims her desire for Julian was reciprocated but deliberately left unfulfilled.

When she takes the chance and travels to eastern Europe, Rachel discovers that research is only part of her job description--and submission is only the beginning of the sexual excesses Julian and Colin will demand from her.

But when the unthinkable nature of Julian's research project is finally revealed, Rachel is ready to run from the men she thought she knew. Securing her cooperation will take a touch of coercion, a bit of bondage, and all the erotic torture two deliciously deviant doctors can apply.

**Reader Advisory: You should assume any Robin L. Rotham book contains BDSM elements, anal play, and every possible ménage à trois permutation plus occasional spares. Additionally, FrankenDom contains mad scientists, real dungeons, whips, chains, spanking, a variety of taboo fantasies, mild puppy play, electrical devices in uncomfortable places, humor, and an intimidating ratio of sadists to masochists.**

This book is not for the faint hearted. It has some hardcore BDSM. See the warning above! That being said: My very first Robin L Rotham book and it will not be my only. I am in awe. This book simply blew me away. I first became aware of this book from some Twitter chatter between Eden Bradley and R.G. Alexander. Well, if two of my favorite authors were excited about a book, then I just knew I would want to read it. When the chance was offered to review it I couldn't say yes fast enough.

Oh. My. God.

This book was intense. I fell in love with the characters. In the beginning, there is a scene where Rachel arrives at the castle. I can’t describe how I love it when an author describes a scene to such perfection that it comes alive in my mind and I am right there. I was Rachel, getting out of the limo and looking around at the slightly foreboding castle that was to become my home; uncertainty thrumming through my body as I wondered what I had gotten myself into. And it only got better from there.

I am not going into too much detail about the book. It is something you must experience for yourself. I will tell you there is raw passion, undeniable love and it is an emotional roller coaster. I experienced such emotion reading this book. I have read hundreds of books so far this year. Of all the books I have read there are only 4 others that have affected me like Frankendom. Bared to You by Sylvia Day, Sanctuary by Eden Bradley, Geared for Pleasure by Rachel grace (aka R.G. Alexander) and Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan. Now I am adding Frankendom to that list. My list called Books I may never get over. For real, you can look it up on my Goodreads. I have a shelf with that name.

And can I just say that the day I read it, I was tweeting about it to Robin and Eden. Our chatter caught the eye of Carly Phillips and she bought the book because of it. I just love the power of social media! Hope this review can help sell more of this wonderful book.