Mia's Submission - Sandra Bunino Romance on the Go

The Satin Rose Experience, 1

Mia Lavender has been offered a promotion she can’t refuse—VP of Client Experience at New York’s exclusive BDSM club, The Satin Rose Experience (SRE). Mia's kept her submissive tendencies a secret, until now. She'll have ample opportunity to explore her fantasy, because to succeed in her new role at SRE, she will need on-the-job training at the hands of Asher Cane.

During Asher Cane's very first training session with Mia, he fails to follow his own rules and has the hottest vanilla sex of his life. Mia needs training, and Asher is damned if he'll allow another Dom to touch her. Can Asher be the dispassionate trainer Mia needs to learn the exquisite give and take of dominance and submission? Or will her submission come only at the cost of his heart?

SRE, New York’s elite BDSM club, contains ten uniquely themed suites, each with its own story to tell. Find the introduction of SRE in The Satin Rose Experience, a short story in Evernight Publishing’s Keyboards and Kink Anthology.

I had the pleasure of reading The Satin Rose experience in the Keyboards and Kink anthology. When I was offered the chance to review the follow up story I was excited. The Satin Rose experience is going to be a series of stories. I don't know if they will all be part of the R2G (Romance to Go) line or not. Evernight Publishing describes their R2G line as follows: "Our readers have busy lives. Sometimes there just isn't enough time to engage in a novel but an escape into romance is still desired. We want to offer our readers a collection of short stories that can be read during work breaks, on the bus, in the waiting room, or before bed."

So Mia's Submission is a short story. 26 pages on my Nook. Anyone who follows my blog knows that sometimes I struggle with the short stories and novellas as a reader. I am a greedy bitch and want to know and read all I can about characters I like. I would be happy if every story I read was hundreds and hundreds of pages long. However the reality, especially in my life, is we don't always have the time to commit to that type of story. Today my schedule was full. But I needed some me time. So in between dropping the Pixie of at musical rehearsal and starting the housework for the day, I decided to treat myself and see if a R2G book could be for me.

It's been awhile since I read The Satin Rose Experience in the anthology and I decided not to refresh my memory. (Hello! I read A LOT of books. Some more memorable than others.)I wanted to see how Mia's Submission went from there and if prior knowledge would enhance the reading. If you pick this story up without first reading The Satin Rose Experience, you will not be missing out. I'm not sure how she did it, but Sandra Bunino managed to write a short story that clued you into what had gone one before, furthered the story line, let us get to know the characters better and there is even steamy sex to round it all out. And to top it all off got me intrigued in where the next book in the series is going. All in 26 pages. How did she do that!?

I didn't feel cheated by the length at all. It was nice getting to catch up with Mia and Asher. I zoomed through it in plenty of time to get my housework done and still felt like I had a little oasis of me time to relax. So way to go Sandra Bunino for writing a steamy, hot little romp that let me escape for a bit.

I think Evernight Publishing has hit the nail on the head with this R2G line. I will definitely be checking it out for more stories. They will be my little indulgence for when I need some me time in the midst of all the "mom work" So go check it out. And don't forget to look for Mia's Submission by Sandra Bunino.