Keyboards and Kink (Includes: Olympus, Inc. #1.5 The Satin Rose Experience #.5 ) - Sandra Bunino,  Danica Avet,  Vanessa Devereaux,  Carolyn Rosewood,  Melissa Hosack,  Raven McAllan,  Kassanna,  Annalynne Russo,  Ashlynn Monroe,  Casey Moss,  Xandra James,  Jorja Lovett,  Eve Meridian I won this book in the Keyboards and Kink Blog Hop. And boy am I ever glad I did! I have previously read almost all of the authors in this anthology and there were a few new ones. One thing I have come to learn about Evernight Publishing is that I am almost never disappointed in their books! I was especially excited to read this book because one of the authors gave their heroine my first name. In the story, Night Games by Carolyn Rosewood, the heroine is indeed named Ursula. When she told me about it I was super excited! I may have even "squeed" in excitement a little. I am not to proud to admit it. *squee* (There I go again) I NEVER get to read a book with a heroine that has my name. I have a weird name so I have come to accept it. Of course I skipped right to that story first and eagerly devoured it. But then I went back and read them all! I LOVED them. There is something in this anthology for everyone. There is intrigue, passion, drama, and one made me cry. A lot. For all this to be packed into short stories, all in one book...well, I say that makes it worth your money to buy! So if you are looking for something to try, go ahead and get this book. It gives you a pretty good sampling of what Evernight Publishing has to offer, author wise and it has great stories to pass the time.

Here's the blurb for "my" story written by Carolyn Rosewood

NIGHT GAMES: Ursula Mackenzie has worshipped the enigmatic owner of Night Games from the safety of her computer screen for an entire year. The interactive blog feeds her passion for dark erotic stories about vampire and pirate lovers, while the face of Reynold Collins fuels her sexual fantasies.

Reynold Collins has also been watching Ursula since she joined his website a year ago, only she doesn't know it. Reynold has a secret, and it's time he revealed it to Ursula.

Will she reject his life of eternal damnation, or can true love really conquer all?