Tied Between Two Lovers - Larissa Lyons, Alyssa Brooks A scarred bodyguard with a secret past.
Slave to his guilt, Rio Tarin has spent a decade watching over Juliana from the shadows. Now he must reveal himself-or risk losing her all over again.

An ex-soldier in need of an angel.
Cord Ramsey returns from war only to discover his family home sold out from under him. Rio, the current owner, proposes a deal-Cord can keep his property if he can keep one wild woman under protective custody for a few days.

The feisty reporter they both want to save.
Tied up? Kidnapped? Dumped at a stranger's dumpy plantation? Rio's back from the dead five minutes and already trying to run Juli's life But while he's playing the unwanted hero, it's her newly enlisted watchdog who's playing her body-to the tune of his. Cord's rough and ramblin' ways will tangle all three of them in an inescapable web of desire.

Reader Advisory: This novel features numerous spankings and anal sex, including an anal seduction that starts off forced. Characters indulge in exhibitionism, voyeurism and a whole lot of orgasms.

This book was an intense ride. It has sex, suspense, and serious inner turmoil. It kept me engrossed from page one and never let go.

Juli has thought Rio dead for ten years and moved on with her life. She is a kick ass, take charge reporter who has no problems going after what or whom she wants. Rio has been living with the guilt of her parents' death and secretly lusting after Juli. While his heart is in the right place, like all alpha males he goes about protecting her in the wrong way. Him showing up out of the blue, sort of rising from the dead and kidnapping her leaves Juli wide open to trust and lean on someone else. Enter Cord, the damaged soldier, who came home from war to find he has no home or family left.

These are some characters with serious emotional damage. Rio and Cord also have physical scars. The authors do a wonderful job of describing the issues of each character. Each one, troubled and hurt in their own way, relates to another in different ways. The relationship that blossoms between Cord and Juli is light hearted and fun. Juli and Rio have the ghosts of the past to deal with so it isn't smooth sailing there. Cord and Rio find common ground and manage to help each other overcome demons in the process.

This book is as much about romance as it is about how the right relationships can heal the soul and heart! Not your typical ménage set in a fictional town where this stuff is the norm; this is more about a real life relationship in the real world and all the potential problems that could go along with it. That combined with the suspense element and lives on the line made this book one of the most interesting reads I have had in a long time. I highly recommend it!