Lea's Menage Diary - Kris Cook When Lea’s fiancé breaks off their engagement, she is sad but actually more relieved. Life with him would’ve been nice but boring—especially in bed. But what options are there for her, a single woman, size sixteen, in the dating pool?

Her cousin, Mia, plans a special night out for Lea to get her out of the dumps. The instant they arrive at the BDSM club, she bumps into Kane and Reed, twin brother Masters who are mouth-watering, muscled, male perfection.

Shocked at their advances but ready for adventure, Lea jumps at their offer to train her as a sub.

It’s much more than the cuffs and ropes that bind her submissive heart to the brothers. Can Kane and Reed prove to Lea that they love her and her curves, or will she refuse to surrender all, holding onto a false body-image that destroys her only chance at love?

In this sequel to Mia's Spanking Diary we get to meet her cousin Lea who is the focus of this installment. Once again this book is written in diary format. I was better prepared this time so, it didn't phase me. Lea is confused and adrift in her life. She is clearly unhappy but unsure how to change that. A trip to The Cell only confuses her more when she falls for two sexy doms. I like that this was not set up to be a menage book. In fact, Lea being in love with both men is the catalyst for plenty of drama and anguish. Kris Cook has a way of pulling you into his characters' heads and making you feel every emotion. Both the good and the bad.

This story isn't just about a woman's first experience with submission, but also about her journey of self-discovery. The sex scenes are hot enough to melt my Nook. I just LOVE that a man can write from the female perspective with such a realistic voice. I was excited to read this latest installment in the series and was not disappointed. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment and this book is going on my keeper shelf right next to Mia's Spanking Diary. *g*