Jealous And Freakn' - Eve Langlais Review written for

Jealous and Freakn' is the sequel to Delicate Freakn' Flower and book Two in the Freakn' Shifters series. I was excited at the chance to review this book because I enjoyed book One so much and was curious to see if my interest could be held for another book. Eve definitely succeeded.

In this book we get the chance to revisit Naomi's family as the book focuses on her brother Mitchell and her best friend Francine. Francine has loved Mitchell as long as she can remember but can't seem to convince him that they are meant to be mated. Enter Alejandro, who is Javier's brother. The sparks fly immediately but Francine is determined that Mitchell see her for a woman once and for all. Alejandro convinces her that they should pretend to be a couple to make him jealous. The joke is on them. Alejandro is also Francine's mate and this opens up a whole new scenario that none of them considered.

I love the ever popular "using another guy to make the one you love jealous" trope. It makes for some good comedy and interesting reading. Add in a jealous ex-girlfriend and an overzealous hunter and you get enough action to make this book a rollicking ride. Meanwhile we get to catch up with our favorite characters from the first book and in the very end we get a sneak peak into who the third book will feature. Of course it will be about another one of Naomi's brothers.

I really enjoyed this book! It has equal parts comedy, romance, action and of course the hot and heavy sex we have come to love and expect from Eve Langlais. Each of these books is a stand alone, but more enjoyable if you read them as a series. I look forward to the next book in this series!