CHAOS (Kardia Chronicles, #1) - Christine O'Neil Where do I even start? I loved this book. I was so eager to get my hands on it and when I did I was so happy. I am a freak for anything containing Mythology. So I eagerly dove into this book all while hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed like I have been so many times in the past. It started out kind of slow. We got to know Maggie and her two besties. Got a little of the family dynamic and knew something major had happened between Maggie and her ex-boyfriend that put him in a coma.

So this book was just a kick to read! I mean, we’re up, we’re down, we don’t know where it’s going next. I know there are secrets that her Mom is keeping and hope we get to learn more in the next book. Meanwhile we get to swoon over Mac and his hottie Irish accent. Heck yeah. The chemistry between Maggie and Mac was intense. I wanted to kick him in the arse several times, but hey, what good hero isn’t just a little maddening too. I almost cried during the one part, it was that intense.

Then there’s that baddie. Ugh! He made my skin crawl. I just knew there was something off about him. I have some theories on what went on with the council, but not gonna say anymore because, hello? Spoiler? Not here. So let’s recap: The book was intense and kept my interest. The hero and heroine had the requisite chemistry and made you want to strangle them multiple times. The bad guy was an idiot and, yay, got his in the end. There was enough of a resolution that there wasn’t a cliffhanger, but plenty unanswered questions to bring you back for the next book. Yup. Christine O’Neil did a righteous job of writing a kick a$$ book.

Here’s the one thing that bugged me. The cover. I really liked it. I had mad cover love long before I ever got to read the book. Once I did read the book though, the Maggie on the cover just doesn’t match the Maggie in the book. I still love the cover, but the more I got to know Maggie, the more the cover bugged me. *shrugs* Still a great cover and a super book. I really think you should hop right out and grab it to read.