The Submission of a Mafia Princess - Sandra Bunino I was ever so happy to find out there was going to be a third book in the SRE series. But imagine my excitement when I learned it wasn't going to be one of the shorter Romance on the Go stories but a full length one. I know you all know what a story whore I am, and the longer the better *g* Also I have to say from the very beginning the title had me hooked.

That said, this book had all the parts that I like most! Life in danger, bad guys, bad ass good guys, mystery, drama and super hot smokin' sex. Above all this is a love story and I really did fall in love with Toni and Brax. I feel like I got to know them, and I was invested in their happiness. I was so sad and happy for Toni. I also enjoyed the brief looks into the lives of previous SRE characters and what I hope was a glimpse of the next hero, Jackson.

As an added bonus we get a fabulous drink recipe! The French Kiss. (Don't think I am not going to be trying this drink. *G* If you know me, you know how I love my girly, fruity, exotic drinks) I really loved this story and I can't stress enough how you all need to go out and read all the books in the SRE series. You will not be disappointed. Ms. Bunino has a flair for writing stories that are interesting and make me want to read more.