Finding Favor - Lana Long This was a wonderful story! I really enjoyed reading about a girl who lost everything at such a young age and has to start over with complete strangers. She is basically treated like a nobody. There is the super vindictive girl of the same age as Favor and there are the two older sons Ethan and Tom. One is a trouble maker and one is her very close friend. Of course this is the crux of Favor’s problem as the story opens. I really wanted to slap that arrogant man, Mr. Brown, right from the start. Not to mention his bitchy daughter, Madison. We do come to understand her a little later in the book but for me it was too little too late.

With everything that she has ever wanted on the line we delve headlong into the journey of Favor's life. I felt that Ms. Long did a fabulous job of illustrating each of the complicated relationships in this book. Oh my! There were characters to love, characters to hate and characters that broke my heart. Yes I bawled while reading this book. I love a book that evokes such responses. It just increases the enjoyment. There were twists and turns and dramatic events aplenty to keep my attention riveted throughout the book. This is a must read book that you should go out and buy like right now!