Sweet Dreams  - Kristen Ashley For book 2 in the Colorado Mountain series, we travel to the town of Carnal. No mountain men this time, just hot as sin, bad ass bikers dudes and kick ass biker babes. It is the perfect town for someone to reinvent themselves or just get a fresh start. We are introduced to a whole new cast of characters with some appearances and mentions of characters from the first book in the series, The Gamble (http://lovebooks-bookreviews.blogspot.com/2013/01/review-gamble_8.html) Lauren ends up in Carnal, Colorado after driving around the US for months on end. This is because she has left behind an unfulfilled life and jerk of an ex-husband. The bar she ends up working in (I want to hang at that bar where all the hot bikers go) is not her usual style of place to hang out. She moves into a quaint little hotel with sweet owners who sort of adopt Lauren.

Meeting all the residents of this town made me want to move there. Almost the entire town adopts Lauren. Of course, there are several notable exceptions. While we watch her become a better Lauren, we also watch hot biker, current bounty hunter and ex-football, player Tatum Jackson, fall under a spell she doesn't even know she is weaving. So while Tate and Laurie start their courtship dance...ok, so less of a dance and more like what Tate wants, Tate goes after. Anyway while all this is happening we have a psychotic serial killer, crazy exes and family dramas.

There is a crazy amount of history that will be getting in the way of their budding relationship. Also, Tate is gone a lot on bounty hunting jobs and this causes no end of problems for Lauren. Add in the crazy exes making their problems and then you throw a kid in the mix. I was riveted. This story was a crazy roller coaster ride as are all of Ms. Ashley's books. All I could do was hang on for dear life as the twists and turns kept coming. There were several devastating moments and once again Ms. Ashley broke my heart and made me cry. And then there was that OMG moment that I did not see coming! I will be re-reading this book for a long time. Oh and take a good look at the cover of this book. It really says it all. The cover really represents the story inside.

Hi my name is Ursula and I am addicted to Kristen Ashley Books.