The Gamble (Colorado Mountain, #1) - Kristen Ashley Hot Colorado Mountain men? Check! Crazy killer on the loose? Check! Crazy family? Check! Psycho ex-girlfriend determined to make their lives hell? CHECK!

Then you add in a zany family, a slightly crazy town and let's not forget mountain-man gone bad stalker. Come on! After reading that description, you KNOW you want to read this book! The whole time I was reading it (and laughing out loud) I kept thinking, I wish my life was this exciting. *g* But then again, that's what an awesome book is for. To take you away from whatever mundane problems you want to escape, and sink you into a fantasy book world where you speak with an English accent (as in England) and hot guys wear flannel and live in gorgeous hand built A-Frame houses.

Once again, Ms. Ashley did not disappoint. {I know I mentioned my girl crush in my last KA review ( but seriously? Have you read one of her books yet?} This book is the first in the Colorado Mountain series, about two fictional towns in Colorado. This story takes place in Gnaw Bone. (I am not making this shit up) A town full of quirky residents and even quirkier visitors. I was hooked from page one and devoured it almost all in one go. I am sensing a trend here, so I am trying not to pick up any of her books unless I have some serious time to devote to it. This time I wasn't so smart. I started it before I left for work for the evening and instead of paying attention to my customers, all I could think about was getting back to my kindle, my recliner and Gnaw Bone.

This book was also full of tear jerking moments. I am not going into too much detail but that thing involving that female character in that specific place had me bawling like a baby. I really love that Ms. Ashley doesn't stint in writing the real, life changing moments in a story. And unlike a lot of books, when these life altering events happen, they are not there for a dramatic moment, and then quickly glossed over. They are there to shape the story and the characters and we get to see them deal with it and how is changes lives.

So definitely put this book on your must read list! Be prepared to laugh your butt off at zany family antics and crazy town people. Be prepared to cry your eyes out and want to jump through the pages to wring someone's neck. Be prepared for a mystery that I mostly had figured out but still threw me for a LOOP and made me go WTF?! I am dying to read the next book in this series because I am already in love with the town of Gnaw Bone and can't wait to see what Carnal is like.