Taken (Give & Take, #1) - Kelli Maine ABDUCTION.
You steal me away to a deserted island, to the one place I’ve dreamed of being—the one place I can’t go.

You’re used to buying whatever you want, but you can’t buy me...how do I resist the magnetism of your body, the longing ache deep inside me? I want you to take me—on my terms.

Every attempt you make to love me only hurts me. How can we go on like this?

This is the story of how I was TAKEN.

Rachael DeSalvo cares for those she loves with no regard for what she needs from them in return. When her father dies, her mother’s emotional dependency becomes overbearing. Unable to leave her distressed mother, Rachael turns down her dream job with Rocha Enterprises.

Billionaire real estate mogul, Merrick Rocha, knows what motivates people and what buttons to push to get what he wants. When the perfect project manager candidate turns down his job offer, it drives him mad. Three months of watching Rachael from afar has him more determined than ever to have her—for much, much more than an employee.

Merrick takes what he wants, but can he convince Rachael to give him what he needs?
Holy Shit! I do not know where to begin with this book. Warning: I have a personal guideline of not posting reviews that are DNF or less than 3 stars. For the New Year I have decided to throw that out the window and be straight up, no holds barred. I always tell the truth in my reviews, but only posted the good ones. Not to say this review is bad, it just isn’t my normal type of review. I don’t know if I will ever write a review like this again, but the story evoked these feelings so here it is…

I will start with this: This book was written in the 2nd person. I have never read a book like that before. I have finally just now started feeling comfortable with 1st person. Nope, unh uh, no way. 2nd person is NOT for me. I just felt uncomfortable and it took me out of the story too many times trying to figure out who she was talking about.

Then there was this: The characters and supporting characters kind of drove me nuts. Rachel’s best friend is a train wreck. Rachel’s Mom is a co-dependent bitch. Rachel went from: “OH MY GOD you kidnapped me now I will try to escape by throwing burning hot soup and causing you 2nd degree burns” to “Fine I am not over it but show me around this island that I am obsessed with and I will try to forgive you” in like 20 seconds! Merrick’s personal assistant is a bitch and will do anything to get him including the scene that finally pushed my personal WTFuckery boundaries.

Of course there was more to follow that pushed my boundaries too. I have an extremely open mind about books. I have read some stuff that other people would call wacked out shit, and still this book tripped my limits. I think it could have worked if Merrick had been a little more alpha-you are what I want and I am gonna get it no matter what. A little less beta-I know I shouldn’t have done that but I really wanted you and didn’t know what else to do so please forgive me.

Now, let me say this: I have been reading A LOT of books with bad ass alpha heroes lately. So Merrick Rocha was not what I expected as a hero. I mean he definitely had hero material-like qualities, but not for a kidnapper. You expect a kidnapper to be all alpha and totally in charge of the situation. Not Merrick. He is more like a lost little boy who is just trying to get his way and goes about it wrong. I mean let’s be honest, this story STARTS with him drugging and kidnapping her. It was a good premise. I went into the book with high hopes. In the end I was sadly disappointed.

In the end, I am left confused. There was much about this book that drove me nuts. I wanted to like this book so much that I feel I am talking myself into giving the series another chance. I am sad this book let me down. Yet, I am going to bite the bullet and read the next story in this saga: No Take Backs

My least favorite part: The whole WTFuckery scene between Merrick, Rachel and Joan (the PA)

My favorite part: The epilogue with the tree house scene. If you could read it, forgetting everything that had gone before, it was beautiful and romantic and I loved it.