The Wreck - Marie Force I LOVED this book. The best part is, you can get it on B& for $2.99 right now. It is easily worth more than that. It draws you in and keeps you involved to the very end. I love how she delved into all the lives involved and not just 2 main characters. It was great to see how each person dealt with the tragedy in their own way and time. And there were several twists that you didn't see coming. I highly recommend this book!

I guess the only disappointment was that after all the build up I felt like the villain had really lame reasons. I get that some people are just evil but it was like, ok, here we are at the end and so lets make this text book villain style. The chick I loved didn't love me so I am out to get girls that are like her. I kind of felt like the villain deserved more of a backstory or motivation.

But that in NO WAY takes away from the book. Thats just my personal preference. I really, really loved the book and have found a new author to read.