Forbidden & Once Bitten - Hope Welsh Finished Forbidden! Devlin is in love with Sarah before she even knows he exists. When she is injured saving a child he watches helplessly as the now disfigured Sarah withdraws into a solitary life. He can give her back her looks but the price is becoming a vampire. She is unsure at first and he doesn't pressure her. But when the unthinkable happens and she is near death, he is forced to change her to save her. I love that he was going to give her time and decide to be changed for herself, however as we all know, the best laid plans and all that. They are being threatened by the Hunters and fighting the opposition of the Elders. At first I was a little upset because I felt that the story ended a little abruptly with too many unanswered questions.

Then I began Once Bitten. Boy meets girl in high school and falls in love with her. Fast forward. Bailey has just gotten out of a bad relationship and her friend talks her into going out for the night. There she runs into Bennett the boy from high school. She realizes that the slightly nerdy geek she knew in high school is now a hot hunk with eyes only for her. Bennett is a dominant and Hailey longs to be submissive, she just doesn't know it yet. There are problems. She has a hard time coming to terms with what she wants versus what she thinks is proper. Of course there is still the hunters to overcome and the Elders must be convinced, but with a little help from Carina, an Elder, they overcome the odds.

All in all I loved both stories and would love to see more in this story line. Maybe a little more on Carina.