When Hubby's Away, the Ladies Play - Sonia Hightower Natalie is looking at six really lonely months when she kisses her husband goodbye before he heads to the Middle East on a deployment. So when he suggests she seek comfort in the arms her sexy girlfriend, Mariah, and Mariah appears to be open to the idea herself, she does.

A night of passion and peaches and cream body oil turns into a very close relationship, but when Natalie tells Chase in a letter what is going on, she discovers he was joking, and he is now afraid of losing her.

How can she convince her husband that she can, will, and does love them both and will part with neither?

This is a short erotica story. At the core though it is a romance. It has a very loving relationship and hot sex. I was surprised at the turn this story took (talk about a huge misunderstanding) and wasn’t sure how there would be a HEA but the author managed to pull it out. The heroine annoyed me just a tad. She was a little too much “have your cake and eat it too”, for my tastes. Lucky for her she has a very understanding husband. Over all I enjoyed the story. If you are looking for a short read to rev your engine then this is for you.