Lunacy and the Vampire (Dominion) - Evie Jayne Every myth you ever heard is true. Every monster exists.

Luna Sea Rakshasa inhabits The Dominion, a realm of immortals hidden within the world of humans. She is a Beanne Sidhe huntress, a killer of dark and dangerous things, but she harbors a secret that has been tearing her apart for nearly a thousand years. On the cusp of finally facing the demon vampire who sired her, the last thing she needs is an obsessed vampire who stirs things she would rather not feel.

Aveon Ap Conwy was human before he was found, dying on a battlefield, and turned into a vampire. For a century he has been tormented by the personal war to keep his humanity. Nothing has been stronger until the night he meets Luna. She arouses his deepest hungers, but Aveon knows he must resist his urge to take her...because if he tastes on drop of her blood, they will both be lost.

Thrown together in an unwelcome alliance and fighting the heat that simmers between them, they travel to the mythical domain of Luna's demon sire. As their worlds merge Luna and Aveon become bound by something stronger than lust. Can Luna lay aside centuries of prejudice and open her heart to the only man who can stand beside her in the battle with the vampire king.

This story started out with a bang and just kept right on going. Luna Sea is my kind of heroine. She is hard core, never back down and she is focused on her mission. I am going to try not to give away too much of this book…but I winced when Luna nailed him to the wall. Even when she was already fighting her attraction to him, she literally nailed his ass to a wall. I cringed as the nails were driven in. Ms. Jayne is so descriptive that I felt like I was right there experiencing it with Aveon. But Luna is a woman driven and she is determined to stay true to her mission. I admire the conviction of this heroine. She never backed down, never compromised. Even as she fought the bad guys, she fought her attraction.

My heart ached for Luna. She was birthed by a monster and haunted by a past she had no control over. Then to realize she had feelings for one of the “monsters” she should be fighting. There was never a time in this book where I was sure of the outcome. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions and heart stopping action. This book is insanely dramatic and brutally descriptive.

I. Loved. It.

I really hope that we get to see more books in this world with these characters. These are not your childhood fairies. There are gruesome, dark, evil fae. And the good fae are ass kicking, name taking soldiers for the cause. The vampires are not sweet and sparkly. They are vicious, brutal warriors. This book is not for the faint of heart. If you are looking for a romantic vampire/fairy story, move it along. If you want a gritty, down and dirty, action filled story of destiny and love that defies all odds, then THIS is the book you need to read.