Frost Bitten - Eliza Gayle As the snow fall outside my window, I can easily imagine that I am in Frost Bitten. I am not a winter lover but if I had sexy shifter twins hunkered down in an abandoned cabin with me, like Daisy does, I sure would love it more! Once again Eliza Gayle has delivered a fun, sexy hot read that draws you into the world of cat shifters. I love that her heroine has a strong personality and doesn't need to rely on men. And that she isn't afraid to change them when the right men come along. I love that the men are strong, alpha males, who are determined to win their mate. This sizzling hot book is a perfect read on a snowy day...or a hot one. Cause let's face it; Eliza Gayle is good reading anytime! Go buy the book. You won't be disappointed!