For Love or Vengeance - Caridad Piñeiro My Review:
3.5 Stars

I always love a good story that has some mythology and gods to it. In this one we get to see a little known goddess, Nemesis, daughter of Hera and Zeus. In this version, Zeus is just as nasty as the myths would have us believe. Rape and lies to get what he wants. This is the first version I’ve seen where Hera wasn’t depicted as a petty, vindictive shrew and that was a nice surprise. There are other supernatural creatures in this and we get to meet a couple. The mystery was solid and the romance was well played out.

The serial killer angle was under-explored, I felt. We had a brief glimpse into his twisted psyche and that was all. A couple other glances during the ongoing search for the serial killer would have fleshed it out nicely I think. Also it was mentioned several times that the helper to the killer had some evil energy emanating from him. Then nothing was ever done with it or explained further so I was left mildly confused by that.

This book is the first in a series that is a spin-off of a previous series written by Ms. Pineiro. There is mention of other characters that I am sure if I had read the previous series, I might know who they were. Also other mentions of other immortals but not many details are given. I felt like I might have been missing something. I would not recommend this book as a standalone.

That said, I still enjoyed the book and the romance between Helene and Miguel was wonderful. I love how you could see her change as she fell more in love with him. Slowly you could feel him healing from his past experiences. I really loved the progression of their story. This is the first book I have read by Ms. Pineiro and not the last. I will be interested to go back and read the series that comes before this one.