Too Devious to Tame - Doris O'Connor I have loved Ms. O'Connor's books since I first read her Naughty Fairy Tale: The Last of His Kind. Not quite sure how I missed this series but I am so glad I found it. I went back and read the first two books in the series before tackling this one because I am anal that way. (I really have to read a series in order) They really wet my appetite and got me ready for this one. I was dying to see more of the super hot, Giorgio. However,I went into this book wondering how I could like Jemima as a heroine. I was of the opinion that she pretty much deserved whatever she got. I am happy to say that this super intriguing book has changed that. Ms. O'Connor did a thorough job of changing the reader's mind about Jemima and in the end I really felt for her.

By the time I was done reading it, I was rooting for Jemima, while wanting to strangle Giorgio. Or kiss him. Half the time I couldn't decide. He was just such a stubborn Italian man! And hot and sweet and bad ass! Yup, I really love him as the hero. Of all the Giovanni men, I have to pick him as my favorite. I always did have a soft spot for the bad boy. This book was definitely a "read it in one sitting book." I started it and didn't stop until I reached the end. There was just so much to find out. I had to know it all. The way we got to see past and present made the story come alive for me. Of course it had some real intense scenes and plenty of action. Also some steamy hot scenes that you have to read for yourself. If you haven't experienced the alpha men of the Giovanni Clan series, then you are really missing out. I suggest you run out and read them right now.