Marley in Chains - R.G. Alexander *See related reviews for Getting Scrooged and Not So Tiny Tim.*

The Knight cousin, Marley, has her own past that she runs from. She fills her life with nothing much more than taking care of Holly's business. A heroine avoiding a heartbreaking past. Yay! Tormented and emotionally damaged heroes. I do love to read about those damaged men who still go after what they want in the way that only true alpha heroes do. Oh yeah!

Ok, I am not exactly a newbie to Ms. Alexander's brand of hot and kinky. She is the very first Smutketeer I evah read. Of course I eagerly jumped into her offering in this wonderful holiday trilogy.

So confession: She actually made me blush. I about swooned with delight reading this story. Oh R.G., you may have outdone yourself this time.

The perfect ending to this already superb trilogy, I started this one with much anticipation. In the previous two stories we were given teasing details to whet our appetite. This story has it all. It was love at first word. And can I just say that Mr. Frost was one of my favorites! That mischevious little man meddled and stuck his nose in other people's business like it was his job. Hmmm...maybe it was?

I'll never tell.

I am so glad I treated myself to an early holiday present and read these books.