Matthew's Return (Wolves of Climax, #3) - Stacey Espino Life in Climax is anything but ordinary. Cassidy does things with her four men she only ever dreamed of, but as the days pass, she craves more than just sex. She wants the whole happily ever after with the men who quickly capture her heart.

Cassidy slowly feels like she belongs in Climax, but something is still missing. Her lovers continually remind her she'll have to accept Matthew in her bed if he returns. She's ready to include him, anxious to experience five men, but what if he wants nothing to do with her?

When she goes in search of her half brother, the Rockford miners lead her into a trap. It's too late to follow Garret's warnings about leaving the mine alone. Now she's faced with madmen and surrounded by wolves. Will her men be able to rescue her before it's too late?

This is the third book in the series and it’s getting more and more twisty. The plot thickens with life in peril. Just when we think that Cassidy is going to find out whom and what her men really are something else happens. The emotion between the characters continues to be richly written by Ms. Espino. While spinning the mysteries she draws us deeper into the relationships. The way she writes each interaction makes me want to read more and more about each character. Since I am continuing to devour the books as fast as I can, I think it is safe to say she is doing her job. And she is fantastic at it. I mean yeah, we know that there is going to be sex and a lot of it. Hello? It is erotic romance. But she manages to keep the interactions all fresh and full of emotion. I have not once gotten bored or started a sex scene thinking, “Oh, they are doing it that way again?” I was excited to finally see the appearance of the mysterious Matthew. There are some seriously twisted people in this tiny little town. I can’t wait to see what happens next in Taming Travis!

One final note in this review: I want to get on my soapbox for a second. I have read some reviews where people lowered the stars because of the price compared to the length. They say it is nothing against Stacey as a writer, but it still hurts her in the long run. If you put a review like that on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, they don’t take into account the content of the review, just the stars. And anything lower than 4 stars bumps them down. And if the publisher thinks that people won’t be interested in that author anymore then they stop publishing their books. So I urge people who leave reviews to consider this before they leave a three stars (or lower) because they are upset about a price a publisher set. Publishers set the price but they also decide what to publish. In the end you are only going to end up hurting the author you like, and maybe have less chance to buy her books in the future. I’m not saying not to voice your displeasure, but chose your forum carefully, please. You are more than welcome to make comments on my blog because that won’t affect sales numbers or stats. I welcome a spirited debate and agree about the pricing of shorter stories.