Leather and Lace - Melody Snow Monroe Review written for http://www.books-n-kisses.com

This book is the first book in Ms. Snow Monroe’s new series: The Callens. In this first book we are introduced to Samantha Callen. The author does a good job of setting up the series with some backstory about the Callen family. However, this story focuses on the eldest daughter Samantha. The book starts off with a bang, literally. The main conflict is revealed immediately when Sam is shot by rustlers. I like that the author included a little intrigue in this story. Personally, I prefer my stories with a little mystery mixed into the romance, and Ms. Snow Monroe delivers. I figured out the mystery pretty quickly, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

When Sam is shot she is rescued by her neighbors, Wade and Heath. They see this as the perfect chance to convince her that she is meant for them, but Sam is stubborn. The character of Sam is that of a woman who is trying to succeed in a male dominated profession, and failing. With the added complication of the rustlers she begins to realize that ranching may not be for her. The book does a good job of detailing the problem and resolution of how she can maintain the ranch that she loves and still be a woman. This book is a fun and satisfying read that i recommend. I can’t wait to read more about the Callen family in the next book: Truth and Seduction.