Pick Your Pleasure - Jayne Rylon Ever read a book and wish the heroine hadn't done that, gone there, or slept with that guy? Well, now you’re in charge. The reader decides what happens here.

Tailor your perfect short story or be adventurous and read through all the different paths to see where life can take you…if you choose.

Go ahead, pick your pleasure.

Linley Lane, CEO of Lane Technologies, has had enough of blah dates. When she decides to shake things up with a visit to an underground sex club she’s heard rumors about, she realizes she’s way out of her league. This is no usual hookup spot.

Presented with two potential guides for the night—men who turn her on more in a matter of minutes than a year of lame dating in her high-class circles did—she’s got some tough decisions to make about how she wants to spend the rest of her evening and just how dirty she intends to get.

Will she choose to be romanced by a sexy gentleman? Or will she indulge the rare anonymity Underground affords to revel in wild excess with a like-minded rebel? And where will they go from there?
Everything is up to you.
Oh my Gosh! When I was a kid, I just loved those Choose Your Adventure Books. I would spend hours picking and choosing (and dying) Now that I think about it, they were kind of morbid at times.

Now that I am adult, it seems Ms. Rylon has tapped into a sadly unused side of my personality and it is done with absolute awesomeness! I can indulge my playful and curious side, all while being titillated and aroused. It's really the best of both worlds all wrapped up in one deliciously adult package. I swear that woman is a genius! And it's all offset by the sexy kind of writing that Ms. Rylon does so well. There is a reason I devour every single one of her books I can get my hands on. That's because she tells interesting stories with smoking hot love scenes that are incendiary enough to make even a nun spontaneously combust.

Each choice that is made only enhances the enjoyment of the story. There is something for every person and mood covered in this book. It's really 4 or 5 (or 6 or 7...well, you get the point) books in one super, spectacular book. I personally went for the bad boy first. He managed to hit all my triggers. Then of course I had to go back and give the handsome dream guy a try. Oh, where are all the men like him? They both had me fanning myself, but one I enjoyed more than the other. I am not going to tell you which one. You need to find out for yourself, but feel free to tell me which one you liked best. I am curious to know *g*

Just know that this is the perfect way to while away the afternoon with two smoking hot dream guys in any situation you want to find yourself in. I hope she writes more of these books because I am all over this concept.