Not So Tiny Tim (The Smutketeers Present...A Kinky Christmas Carol) - Robin L. Rotham *See related reviews for Getting Scrooged and Marley in Chains*

Now we get to meet Tim, Holly's nephew. Here is a man who knows what he wants and tells you. But don't get too attached to him because he is all about fun with no entanglements! Once again the mysterious Mr. Frost makes many appearances. There is something in Tim's past that keeps him from letting anyone get too close. (not gonna tell you what, just go read it) Miranda finally gets up enough nerve to lay it on the line and she is rejected. Mutual friend Peter steps in and the results are not what anyone imagined.

Tim is a player. But he is upfront and never pretends to be anything other than what he is. I wanted to kill him. Stubborn man, ready to throw away his chance at happiness. I ached for poor Miranda, but not for long because once Peter enters the picture I was in love! I don't know where these authors get these ideas but I am damn glad that they do! As I dove into the second installment of this kinky X-mas tale, I was just tickled at how they were twisting this classic tale into a modern day kink fest. The romantic twists and turns kept my attention and made me want more!

*deep breath* And onto the final installment in this holiday fantasy.