Getting Scrooged - Eden Bradley *See related reviews for Marley in Chains and Not So Tiny Tim*

I knew I wanted to read these stories from the beginning! I mean, put aside that they are some of my favorite authors writing them. A nice kinky twist on a Holiday Classic is just what I needed to jump start my holiday spirit! When you add in the "oh so mysterious" Mr. Frost, who seems to be everywhere and know all, the stage is set!

A drunken bucket list! Only Eden Bradley could think of a twist like that. This story was hot from the get go. A heroine who devoted her life to business and only indulged herself with meaningless sexual encounters. A hero who is so hot he was scorching my Kindle, with an English accent to boot. (I have a serious lust for a man with an accent) I couldn't put it down. As he made the items on her list come true I was torn between "awww, so sweet" and "conniving jerk" Being sneaky and underhanded to get what you want never ends well.

For a novella (more than a short story, less than a full length novel) there was a lot packed into this awesome story. I wanted Holly to wake up and smell the pine trees. I wanted Ben to stop and realize he was doomed for a crash and burn. I finished it and was immediately ready to get to the next installment. You see, even though they are 3 different stories by 3 different authors, they all overlap. So onto the next: