The Locket  (Rotherham Hall Mysteries #1) - Clair de lune Who is trying to kidnap Lady Alicia Fitzroy and why?

When the de la Torre triplets, Rafael, Antonio, and Angel, rescued her from a kidnapping attempt, they do not expect to fall in love with her. She cannot understand why she loves three dominant men equally. Her handsome heroes have to foil several attempts to kidnap her before trapping the villain and discovering what he wants from her.

She is childless by her first marriage and feels she ought not to marry Rafael, the eldest triplet, who needs heirs to ensure the succession. As she struggles with her feelings for them and her fear that she is barren, the triplets come up with a plan to persuade her, one that involves pleasure for all four of them, convincing her, and delivering a happily ever after.

I rarely ever read historical romances anymore so I like to take a break every now and then and pick one up. This regency historical is a feast for the senses. Ms. de Lune gives us great detail on the rich clothing and descriptions of the houses and furnishings. I was able to loose myself and imagine I was right there, wearing one of the beautiful dresses and waiting for a handsome man to ask me to waltz.

I also love a book with a good mystery. That’s how this book starts out. Of course along the way we also get to meet 3 hot men. Yup, this is definitely my kind of book. The chemistry between the heroes and heroine is immediately obvious. The men are very arrogant. The heroine is very sweet. I wanted to jump into the book and wring their necks. Antonio, Raphael, and Angel had Alicia so confused and twisted up in knots that I felt bad for her. They all liked her but instead of talking to her as a group they set out to seduce her separately. Poor Alicia, who of course had feelings for all three was very confused and left thinking she was a slut. I realize Spanish men are arrogant, but GRR!

In the end they all come clean and also solve the mystery. Yup, this book did it. As you know when a book makes me feel intense emotion then I believe it has done the job. I enjoyed this book and Ms. de Lune has become one of my favorite authors. I always look forward to reading more of her works.