High Scandal - D.C. Stone Tristan White begins to think his professional and loyal secretary, Isabelle, is up to something. Her disappearing acts around the office leads him to think she could even be acting as a spy for competitors.

Isabelle has a secret, one she has kept in the closet—literally—for years.

Tristan’s suspicions catch up with him and after following Isabelle, he not only uncovers what secret she’s been hiding, but also begins to see his secretary in a new light.

Can Isabelle break out of the box and see herself as Tristan does? Or will their professional relationship cause lines to be drawn?

Be Warned: light BDSM

Who doesn’t love a good “boss falls for the secretary” romance? It’s a popular trope that’s been around forever. Of course this secretary has an obsession that makes the boss see her in a new light. This was a cute story that was perfect for a lazy afternoon read. Even though it was a fairly short story (41 pages), Ms. Stone kept my attention the entire time. It moved at a fast pace, had a good conflict and also contained a subject that I, myself, am a little obsessed with. It never landed me a hot alpha boss, but that’s what fiction is for, yes? Also, can I just say: I totally loved that the cover has a curvy girl on it! Being a curvy girl myself, I notice these things. This was my first book by Ms. Stone, but it will not be my last. I love finding new authors to stalk, err…read and follow. *g* I can’t wait to read more by Ms. Stone.