Embedded - Simone Sinna When sexy New York journalist, Stephanie Beauman takes a job as house-sitter in Sydney, hoping for a career-making story about reclusive owner Gabriel de Romanos, she’s in for more than just sex in the sun with the grounds man. De Romanos is powerful, single, and enigmatic: everything Stephanie wants in a man, apart from the fact that he’s probably a drug-running murderer. But things are more complicated than Stephanie suspects, and she is drawn into a luxurious world of intrigue, business rivalry and fine wine. Is Stephanie in way over her head? And why is she unable to shake the feeling that someone is watching her? And will she succumb to De Romanos?

This book captured my attention from the first page and never let go. There were enough twists and turn in this book that I honestly didn't figure out "who done it" until near the end. Oh sure, if I had tried a little harder, I am sure I could have, but the book was just so damn much fun to read that I didn't want to. I was too busy enjoying the exploits of Stephanie. Stephanie is not a woman to shy away from desire and going after what she wants. Well she gets all that she wants and more. The exciting settings all across the globe made it that much more fun to read.

What Stephanie really wanted was to get the dirt on Gabriel and catapult her writing career into investigative instead of the fashion fluff she has been writing. Losing her job is just the push she needs, but little does she know someone has been pulling strings all along. Between the romance and the mystery this book was a rollercoaster ride to read. Just when I thought it was going to go one way, it changed tracks and we were going a whole different way. It was a treat to read this book and actually be surprised at the end. As for the romance between Gabriel and Stephanie, we leave that at HFN. I personally am not sure I like Gabriel for Stephanie. I can’t wait to read the next Stephanie Beauman book to see what happens next with our intrepid reporter.