The Virgin Who Cried Wolf (Naughty Fairy Tale) - Alexandra O'Hurley Thessa the Tomboy loves playing practical jokes. She and her friend, Bren, come up with the perfect plan to scare the villagers…a faux wolf attack.
Thessa doesn’t know that two werewolves are in attendance during her tall tales. They decide to pay her back for her prank. But, once they get a good look at her and the courage she shows defending herself, Caelan and Raynd decide they want to take her. Their instinct tells them there’s more to the tomboy than tall tales.
When Thessa cries wolf, no one comes to her aid, thinking it another of her pranks. The werewolves whisk her away to their mountaintop castle to show her a trick or two. Will she escape them or succumb to the wicked tricks they play on her body once they have her under their control?

I freaking loved this book. I know, I am usually more eloquent than that. But with each Naughty Fairy Tale I read, I expect to be disappointed. That has NOT happened. From the first I read, (by Carolyn Rosewood) to the most recent, (by Stacey Espino) I have loved them all! There are only 2 I haven't had the chance to read.

This one is a new take on The Boy who cried Wolf. Only much more interesting than that old fable my Mom used to threaten my brother and I with. *G* (Not that I was EVER naughty.) So that is what drew me to it, in the first place. Thessa is a strong heroine who doesn't take any crap, and despite the odds tries to defend herself against the wolves. Not like her sissy-boy friend who runs screaming like a girl. Once the wolves abscond with her to their castle, she falls under their spell. There is much more to these two men than meets the eye. There are misunderstandings and dramatic happenings, but I am not going into too much detail. That would ruin your pleasure in in reading it for yourself. Just know that, there are plenty of obstacles keeping them from finding their Happy Ever After. Of course, it's a fairy tale, so there IS a HEA. So thank you Ms. O'Hurley for the wonderful read. It is a fantastic addiction to this wonderful series of stories, by a wonderful group of authors! (Yeah I am gushing just a little. Sorry.) Now go read the book.