The Royal Talisman - Tracy Cooper-Posey Review written for

I have to say, when I first started this book, I wasn't sure I would like it. The character of Stuart seemed a little to wimpy for my tastes. I was hoping he would have a little more backbone. Instead he seemed to fall under the spell of Bian immediately. And not in a cute way, but in almost an obsessive way. But that is just me so I continued on. All in all this book was interesting. I was a little disappointed because I hoped the author would go into more historical detail. However, this was really more of a novella and so there wasn't really room for details. Then there was the whole is he a spy or not. It got a little convoluted and confusing and that took away some of the enjoyment. Confusion aside, the relationship between Bian and Stuart was passionate and I found myself rooting for them. Once the story was concentrating on them, I could get into it. And there was some definitely steamy scenes. Then we were back to the spy question. I predicted early on how it would end and I was right. So I guess you could say the story had a satisfying, if predictable conclusion.