Mia's Spanking Diary (Secret Diary) - Kris Cook Goodreads Blurb:

Secret Diary - book 1
Mia is a graduate student working on a thesis about the sexual practices of people in the BDSM lifestyle. Lex, the owner of a very prominent local sex club, agrees to show her the ropes...literally, and a whole lot more. What begins as only a curious academic pursuit quickly becomes a brew of sizzling erotic pleasure for both Master Teacher and submissive student. As her lessons with him are about to come to an end, fun and games need to be put aside for something real--a chance for true love.

"I've already read this myself and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lex is totally scrumptous!" NYT Bestselling author, Shayla Black

"Mia’s Spanking Diary is sexy and emotional—a great read!" Bestselling erotic romance author, Sophie Oak

I absolutely adored this book! I am fairly new to the genre of BDSM, but am quickly finding that I love it! This book is just one more reason why I will continue to read it.

At first I was worried this book would be a series of short diary entries and I am not wild about books done in this fashion. Well, I should have known better because it was coming from Kris Cook. I enjoyed the voice of Mia, who when she first starts writing is a little unfocused and unsure. That quickly changes with the guidance of her advisor who invites her to a lecture to help with her thesis. There she meets Master Lex, who furthers her "education" There is an instant connection and when he invites her to his club she can't accept fast enough.

What follows is a roller coaster ride of Mia's introduction to the world and lifestyle of BDSM. The author does a fantastic job of capturing the feelings and emotions of a woman's first experience with dominance. As the experiment goes on she is drawn deeper into Lex's world. This isn't just a book about a foray into the world of BDSM but a story of true love.

Kris knows just how to capture the newness and uncertainty of the situation. I felt like I was right there with Mia. At the back of the book you get a tease of the upcoming books in the series. They will be an automatic buy for me.

Great job Kris! I really enjoyed the book and will be re-reading it in the future. (From me, this is high praise *G*)