Steamed Up Memories (Steampunked Lust, #2) - Corinne Davies Review written for

Slave traders, spies and a forgotten past. This book has them all, along with a healthy dose of steamy sex. Corinne Davies has done it again! I was eager to read her follow up to Steamed Powered Passion and I was very pleased when I did. This book grabbed my interest and never let it go. I read the entire book in one sitting. Once again, there is rich detail in the fantastic world building. More off the wall inventions and unbelievable technology. Even more secret lives and people who aren't who they seem. Did I mention I love this book? The fast pace and intrigue make for a very satisfying read.

There was also plenty of heart wrenching emotions. I waited in agony for Yzabeau to finally realize that Liam was the boy from her childhood. And I wanted to hold Liam and tell him it wasn't his fault. I waited with bated breath for Yzabeau's memory to finally come back. And my heart hurt for Tristan as he desperately tried to keep them all together. It is a story of lust and love, triumph and treason, and ultimately good wins out over evil.

For now.