Rules of Negotiation - Inara Scott Review written for

Right from the beginning it is clear that Brit has an ulterior motive, but I found it hard to care. His character was so well written that even when he is being an ass, you like him. It is clear that he is torn from the get go. He sets out to use Tori as a contact to obtain something for his beloved sister, but can't help his own attraction to her. Soon he forgets why he started the whole thing and mostly just goes with it. Of course that comes back to bite him in the aforementioned ass.

Tori is a driven woman with no room in her life for anything outside of work and making sure her mother is taken care of. Despite her better judgement she is sucked into a sort of relationship with Brit as long as it is on her terms. Driven by demons from her past, she is determined that she can indulge in this fling with no strings or repercussions.

Both of these characters have had less than ideal childhoods and it has caused them to deal with relationships in a warped way. Both of them want to avoid a serious one and neither of them is willing to put anything but their family first. This makes for a less than ideal beginning to the relationship. Brit sees the light and the error of his ways far sooner than Tori does. He comes to the conclusion that he has to stop living his life for his family and tries to get Tori do the same so they can be together. This makes for plenty of drama and angst that had me shedding a few tears. I love it when a book makes me "feel"

Complete with the meddling family and an overly familiar assistant, this book had plenty of laughs to go along with the emotion. I definitely recommend this book.